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In DSP entrance data are processed on program algorithm. When the processor finishes necessary calculations, it sends result to TsAP. TsAP converts DSP exit in a desirable analog form. The exit of the converter smoothes out the restoring filter of the lower frequencies.

In order that the system possessed the set properties, the intuition is required coefficients differential uravneniyit transfer function. Transfer function for pulse systems in the form of Z-transformation looks as follows:

It should be noted that if to allow N=1, the recursive filtration can be always replaced with a nonrecursive filtration. In particular, the recursive filtration with N = to L = is equivalent to a nonrecursive filtration with N.

ATSP and TsAP channels have programmable coefficients of strengthening on an entrance and an exit with ranges to 38db and 21 dB respectively. Built-in source of basic tension size +2yu7-5 Century. Its power consumption at supply voltage of +3 V makes 73 MW.