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At the report in court of supervising instance of business on which the protest is brought, have to be stated not only its circumstances, contents of the decision, definition, the resolution and a protest, but also explanation or objection on a protest if they arrived.

In the resolution of supervising instance the bases to cancellation of the decision, definition, the resolution of inferior court have to be accurately stated, is specified what are allowed violations and what procedural actions it is necessary to make at new consideration of the case. The supervising instance according to the powers has the right to change not only resolutory, but also motivation part of the decision, definition, the resolution.

If the court of supervising instance on a protest made the decision only on one person, he has the right to consider the this case on a protest and concerning other persons participating in this case if in its definition or the resolution on the previous protest it was not specified about correctness of the decision, definition or the resolution of court concerning these other persons.